maggie mushabooooom (meaganini) wrote,
maggie mushabooooom

i just realized that my student loan debt is a LOT less than i thought it would be! i think about half of my schooling has been paid for by scholarships, grants, and bursaries. :) :)

ALSO - we found a cute little apartment to live in! it's on the main street of moose jaw, right on the hill... in between the mall and downtown. it's only $525/month! a deal this great is almost impossible to find. we're going to save so much! we won't have a lot of room for storage... so again, we're cutting down on all the stuff we have. which is a good thing... because we've always liked to be frugal, and having a small place will make sure we stay that way. i always love moving because i can go through and organize everything and recycle what i don't need. :)

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