maggie mushabooooom (meaganini) wrote,
maggie mushabooooom

so, i've started my first week of my senior practicum on endoscopy at the regina general. it's been exhausting - i fell asleep at 6:30 pm last night (right after eating supper) and i slept for 11 hours straight. :o i feel bad because i fell asleep while trying to play this new ps3 game with julian: dungeon defenders. he didn't mind though, he just took the controller from my hand and gave me a pillow so i could sleep on his shoulder. <3

it's kind of crazy being back in acute care after a year out of clinical. i've been doing so well though. i've been getting lots of IV practice, which i love! :) it's such a good feeling when you get one, and even better when you get a few in a row. my stats are improving every day. ;)

it's also nice to hear "she's such a good little nurse!" :)

the RNs and LPNs on this unit are soooo good to me. i'm really thankful.

it's really inspiring seeing what the RNs can do in the procedure room - helping the doctor do PEG tube insertion, biopsies, etc. and they're always willing to teach me. it's so neat. i can't wait to be an RN (real nurse)! i wasn't really excited about it before, but the more time i spend in the hospital setting working with RNs the more excited i get!

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