maggie mushabooooom (meaganini) wrote,
maggie mushabooooom

i used to live life like it was a countdown... always waiting to be happy. i thought: once i'm finished university, life will begin.
i realized the other day that i have already achieved the greatest happiness for myself, and nothing external can change that. i don't need to have a career, money, a family, kids, etc. to be any more happy than i already am. sure, i may desire those things in the future, but i don't need them. i can't imagine wanting anything more than what i have right now. <3
i feel so content with myself and with my life, it's an amazing feeling. i no longer view university as an obstacle to be overcome... it's a journey and i'm enjoying every minute of it. i'm not rushing to get done, i'm just enjoying every opportunity to learn something new.
every little thing that happens adds to my life and who i am as a person, and i am grateful for that. even if it seems like it's something negative at first. life surprises. :)
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