maggie mushabooooom (meaganini) wrote,
maggie mushabooooom

my rent is going up $50 a month next month. :( :( :(

i haven't worked in the past 12 days (since boxing day)! i work all weekend though, so i can't wait to try out my new MBTs!

i started classes again yesterday. it's weird being at the u of r again this semester. i just have a few more electives to get that are required for my degree, and i waited until the last minute to get them.
i'm taking psych 102 and sociology 100. super easy classes. it's weird taking 100 level courses again. plus they're only an hour and fifteen minutes long, which is so nice... compared to three hour long nursing courses.
i'm also starting abnormal psych online next month, through the university of athabasca. excited for that!

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